Murder Mystery Nights 
“Murder, Mon Cheri” Universally suitable and highly popular. You are guests at the engagement party of a society couple when the grim reaper makes a dramatic entrance. Who is the murderer? Who wrote the anonymous note? More importantly, who is that lifeless corpse that just invaded our pleasant dinner!? Help the intolerable Ms Marbles solve the crime. Our most popular show! 
Other themes available include 
“Raiders of the Lost Tomb” Set in the 1920’s, Indiana Bones meets Lara Cruft in an amusing tale of mummies and baddies, parchments and old relics. Meet crazy characters Kha Bhut and Kharma Kanic. Can you discover the secret hieroglyphics? Can you decipher these hieroglyphics? Can you even spell hieroglyphics?! Oh, and, by the way, what caused the string of dead bodies? Was it the curse of the Mummy’s tomb or something a little more to do with human nature? 
“Salty Towers” Welcome to the craziest hotel in Britain. Eccentric hotel manager Basil MacDyre fusses and fumes as his bungling staff bumble their way through the night amid complaints of poor service, incompetent entertainment and, of course, murder. Watch out for low flying insults! 
“Death Styles of the Rich & Famous” Don your glad rags and jet off to L.A. because YOU are the rich and famous guests at the launch of a book by celebrity couple “Dosh” and “Pecs". See what it is like to be mobbed by the paparazzi. Follow the battle of celebrity egos & giant pay-packets. 
“Double-O Heaven: You Only Die Twice” Murder with a Bond theme, complete with villains and spies. The show starts with a bogus presentation so you can hoax your guests in Jeremy Beadle style. The presentation initially appears serious and realistic but is fraught with mishaps and deteriorates into chaos with the presenter becoming the victim. Once the guests realise it's all part of the show, they take on the role of special agent Bond. 
“Murder Most Festive” Our most tacky murder…with a Christmas theme. It’s time for the glittering Rudolph Awards Ceremony. All your favourite festive characters will be bickering & jostling for the limelight. But…one has murderous intentions so watch your back... 
“Oooops, Murder” A soppy love story at a gathering of The International Twins Society. The show involves an unwelcome guest, an inheritance, double indemnity, a séance and a nail in the forehead for one unlucky twin. 
“Ghostbashers” A government initiative, policed by The Ghostbashers, allows infamous Hallowe’en and horror film spooks to come out into the open and freely walk the earth - as long as they do not kill. One bitter and twisted individual sees to it that the evening turns into a blood-bath of voodoo …with dead bodies galore! Panto meets Hammer. Camp & creepy. 
You can choose from our range of productions which can be off-the-shelf or tailored to incorporate your own ideas - or you can even commission your own script. Here are some of our ready-made murders:- 
A Performance Interactive murder mystery is whatever you want it to be. We focus our attention on the client’s requirements to uniquely create a show to suit the budget, age range, group size, theme and other ideas, e.g. building inside information or a corporate message into the plot or giving some of the guests a role to play! You give us a concept, theme or idea and we’ll make it happen with the use of sparkling imagination, tailored scripting and professional performance & presentation skills 
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Tel: 01489 578777 
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